A guide to choosing a quality baby monitor

Baby MonitorBaby monitors have been designed to give parents peace of mind by giving real-time information on the condition of the baby when the parent is not around him or her. It transmits sound, but there are those that transmit images from the room that the baby is to the other. Thus, the parent is in the know-how with what the baby is doing at all times.

Mothers who are nursing infants find them useful as the baby may wake up at night for comforting, diaper change, or feeding. They can sleep easy without waking up every minute to check on the condition of the baby. The system is made of two parts, a transmitter and a receiver with the transmitter being in the baby’s room and the receiver in the mother’s room. There are several considerations that you have to make when choosing a baby monitor that caters for your needs. Below are a few ideas, but if you want a quick comparison, check out this best baby monitors comparison table.

Audio or video monitor

Would you rather watch your baby sleep, or you are just okay with being sure that he or she is asleep and only gets alerted if he or she wakes up? Audio only baby monitors are less expensive and small in size. Video baby monitors come with different components and features such as zoom and pan cameras, various screen sizes and true day and night vision capabilities to enable night time viewing without use of the light. However, these are more expensive.

Digital or analog monitor system

Digital monitors are more expensive than analogue monitors. They convert the collected sound waves to data and send the data to the receiver. Analogue monitors transmit signals as radio waves while sending them to the receiver. People with radio receivers may be able to tap and listen into the communication if you are using an analogue monitor system.

Battery life

The battery life should be a consideration when buying a baby monitor especially if you would need to temporarily move the transmitter from one room to the other. If the unit has a short battery life, you would need to move the power supply unit in any temporary movement that you make.

Another way of overcoming the battery limitation is having two parent unit versions of baby monitor. You can keep one in the room where the baby resides and the other in the room where you temporary moves the baby most of the times such as the kitchen or the home office. This keeps the system plugged to the power at all times.


Most baby monitors suffer from at least two types of interference. The quality of the signal degrades as the distance from the transmitter to the receiver increases and when there are several walls between the transmitter and the receiver. With a weaker signal, you get a lot of background noise. The monitors can also be interfered with by other radio systems such as wires phones, Wi-Fi systems and alarm systems. However, the advanced DECT technology enables the system to overcome these challenges. You may consider purchasing one that supports the technology.

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